Tesla's share price has risen by more than 100% this year
The founder of Baron capital,Ron Baron,said Tesla will realize the operating income of one trillion dollars in the ten years.He won't sell his Tesla shares.Baron Capital owns 1.63 million shares of Tesla at present.Ron Baron said:"rise of Tesla's shares is just the beginning.”

Tesla shares are up more than 100% this year and 220% in the past six months.
Tesla's share price rise is mainly due to the production target of 150000 vehicles at the plant in Shanghai, China, and the plant in Germany will be put into production in 2021 and bring a large number of orders from Europe.
In 2021, Tesla's overall revenue is likely to exceed 40 billion, and its global production will exceed 1 million vehicles.
In 2019, Tesla sold 367500 cars in total.The growth rate is about 50%, reaching the target of 360000 to 400000 sales at the beginning of the year.